Monday, June 5, 2017

EDU Are Small Cities

In a general sense, universities are small cities with the services that are provided by such localities. For example, Virginia Tech provides similar services to its community that the town of Blacksburg provides to its citizens. A cybersecurity architecture has to encompass all of these service areas. 

Some of these services include:
  • Power generation – VT has its own power generation plant that provides electrical power, A/C and heating to facilities on campus. The power generation plant also provide power to some segments of the town itself.

  •  Law enforcement – As many EDUs do, VT has its own campus police department with full LE authority and powers as any other state law enforcement officers (LEO).

  • Dining Services – what used to be the traditional dining hall facilities has evolved to a wide variety of food choices.
  • A Cultural scene – VT provides a wide variety of music, theatre, lecture, film events that open to the community as well as the general public
  •  Library – this seems odd but since VT is a public institution, its library is open to anyone regardless of their affiliation with the University.
  • ·Medical services – student health services, counseling services, wellness services, adult day care services are some of the traditional medical services provided
  •  Athletic – from intramural, extramural sports to NCAA sanctioned sports, VT offers a wide variety of athletic events that are open to the public.
  • Educational – VT is its own “school system”.
Urban universities offer the same services listed above with the exception of the power plant but they do have a facilities management program. 

 Corporations that offer a wide variety of services to their employees face the same security issues.  As you can imagine, it's a challenge to balance the security requirements of each of these service areas.

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