Sunday, April 3, 2022

Motorcycle Riding and Being A CISO

 I was checking out some YouTube videos and ran across this one with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Oprah Winfrey. Towards the end of the video, Michael talks about being a defensive driver if you ride a motorcycle. "You have to be really focused and see the traffic ahead", says Jordan.  He then takes a dig at Charles.  Check out


I've ridden bicycles almost all of my life and motorcycles for the last third of my life. When I'm on the bike (either type), I am looking ahead to see what traffic patterns are there and trying to anticipate how I can maneuver through those patterns safely and efficiently. My nephew and I used to play a game when he was younger. We'd be in the mall and the challenge was to walk through a crowd from point A to B without missing a step or stopping because someone stepped in front of you. You had to watch the traffic flow and make your best guess on  where and when an opening would occur.


This is one of the things a CISO or security architect should practice. You want to look at threat intel, network traffic or attack patterns and chart a course of action based on your past knowledge as well as your ability to guess what will happen next. Sure, sometimes you guess wrong but you use that knowledge to improve your prediction capability. Sound like machine learning? Probably.


Next time you ride a bicycle or motorcycle, see if you ride defensively by looking ahead and anticipating the next action that can happen. Take that skill and apply it to designing your security architecture.

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